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Magnesium sulphate – Agrochemia

Magnesium sulphate

Mineral fertilizer Magnesium sulphate 

EC fertilizer


Product description


Magnesium sulphate: even granulation, coated, non-caking. Color: off-white, granule size 2-4,5 mm min. 95%. The content of magnesium oxide (MgO) min. 28,5%, water-soluble min. 22%, sulfur content min. 18%. 


Purpose and use


Magnesium sulphate is a granulated fertilizer, applied by spreading and foliar. Due to the high concentration of magnesium and sulfur, it is recommended for soils low in these elements. High solubility and assimilation of nutrients allows for quick replenishment of deficiency, while not changing the pH of the soil. It is possible to use alone as well as mixing with other fertilizers. Magnesium sulphate is used for fertilizing all plant species. The recommended dose is 150-250 kg / ha, although the dose should be selected based on the nutrient content in the soil, the nutritional needs of the cultivated plant species and the soil’s argon category. The main advantages are: even granulation for easy application, fast solubility and high availability for plants, no effect on soil pH.




Big Bag type bag 500 kg ± 1%