Nitrogen fertilizer Urea 46%N Russia

EC Fertilizer


Product description


Even granulation, non-caking, coated pearl pellet, color: white, grain size 1-4 mm, min. 90%. Bulk density: 0.70 – 0.78 kg/dm3. Contents: nitrogen (N) in the amide form 46%.


Purpose and use


Nitrogen fertilizer urea 46%N is a universal fertilizer for foliar and soil application for all crops, pre-sowing, top dressing and foliar crops. The fertilizer is characterized by good solubility in water, liquid ammonia. It has a good effect on rooting and regular growth of plants while increasing its resistance. Do not mix with other nitrogen fertilizers, it is recommended to mix with multi-ingredient fertilizers like NPK, NP and potassium salt.




Polyethylene bag with overprint 50 kg ± 1% 

Big Bag type bag 500 kg ± 1%