K2SO4 potassium sulphate

Mineral fertilizer K2SO4 potassium sulphate

EC fertilizer


Product description


Potassium sulphate: compact granulation, non-caking. Color- white. Granulation 1-4.75 mm min. 90%. Content of potassium oxide (K2O) – 50% min., Sulfur content – 18% min. (SO3– 45% min.), water solubility -100%. 


Purpose and use


Due to its high sulfur content, it is used in areas that are low in sulfur and in crops with high sulfur requirements,such as e.g.: oilseed rape, black radish, garlic and brassicas. In addition, it improves the use of nitrogen.

Granular SOP is used for both basic fertilization and top dressing. It is also used to avoid losses in farmlands at risk of leaching in the spring. The optimum amount of fertilizer depends on the amount of soil in potassium, the intensity of cultivation and expected yields. The biggest advantages of using potassium sulphate are total solubility in water and direct absorption of nutrients by plants.




9.5 kg bags ± 1% and jumbo bags 1200kg ± 1%